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When Giving Becomes a Way of Life

The Bocha Project would not be an effective changing force without the help of our partners and liasons around the world. Quite simply, we believe that even though we shout our message of inclusion very loud and clear, we would be nothing without the passion of those who help carry this message forward.

Last year, we were able to help Fundación Nuestra Senora del Hogar, a day treatment center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by supplying some funding to buy very needed items for their daily operations. But our relationship with this center is much deeper than just this: We have seen and experienced very closely the love and dedication of each of the staff members that care for the clients of the center, day in and day out.

Fernando, whose father is our namesake, is a client of this center and his life has benefitted in a million ways since he started attending. Our liason, Norma, our namesake's widow and Fernando's mother, honors us by opening up her own home to every single client and staff at the center, so that they can cool off on very hot days of summer.

Thank you, Fundación Nuestra Senora del Hogar! Thank you, Norma! Thank you for carrying this message of inclusion very deep in your heart and sharing it with the world!

People gathering by the swimming pool

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