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My father, My Inspiration

My father, Jorge "Bocha" Amorini, learned from his father the one principle that guided his life: Love your family above all. Not that my grandfather was a role model to look up to. To the contrary, he left his family when my father was a very young child to pursue greener pastures elsewhere. My father never forgot how it felt to have the rug pulled out from under him. As he became a young man, he swore to never abandon those around him, to always let them know how much he loved them, to love without limits, and to expand his heart with a kindness that those who met him would say was not of this world.

His life was at times difficult and trying, but he never lost sight of what was important. His youngest child, my brother Fernando, was diagnosed with multiple disabilities at a very young age. I remember how he sacrificed it all to ensure that he would have whatever was needed. As my brother grew up, he saw the need to prepare for this next stage in life. It was a source of great concern. He particularly feared not being able to provide for him after he died. He would lose sleep thinking of what would become of him once my parents were no longer in the physical world.

My father died ten years ago, and what he could not anticipate was that even though he would not longer inhabit this physical world, his love would live on. His immeasurable kindness would continue to grow. What he taught us, would never be forgotten. Not only would my brother be protected, but what we learned from him would help many more people like my brother around the world.

Thank you, dad, for showing us the way. Thanks for instilling this love of family, work, doing what's right.

The Bocha Project is for you.


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