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My Brother, My Hero

I often say that the most influential person in my life has never said a word to me. He does not have a college degree. He cannot lift a pen and write a sentence. He needs help for pretty much all areas of daily life. My brother, Fernando, is an adult with developmental disabilities, and has been at the center of many of my most influential life decisions. As a young woman, contemplating my brother's needs and my parents struggles, I made the decision to spend my life helping children/adults with special needs and their families. Later on, many other people around me made the same choice, all inspired by my brother Fernando. Many of them are now working to help The Bocha Project grow.

This space is to celebrate, honor, and include every child/adult with disabilities, and to empower their families. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness makes the biggest difference, and sometimes the least likely person makes the greatest impact. The Bocha Project was borne out of the belief that we all deserve a place in this world.

Fernando, thank you for everything that you taught me. The Bocha Project is for you.

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